Laura Cahill’s Unwanted Books Décor

After the eco-conscious designer, Oscar Lhermitte’s recycled newspaper bench, Laura Cahill, a graduate designer takes the paper-furnishing bequest a little further with her innovative stylish vases and furniture crafted out of old unwanted books. Cahill had explored for the common unwanted objects and realized that second hand books were one among these that were found everywhere from charity shops to streets. She also discovered that the glue in old books made them extremely difficult to recycle. This is when the idea of turning them into decorative pieces struck her.

Cahill collects old unwanted books from local second hand shops and using a band saw cuts profiles from them. She then wraps their spines around test tubes, which act as the central water containers, thus molding them into waterproof vases. The designer also made a stool called ‘Heavy Read’ setting up loads of old books and a durable lamp stand by drawing out the vase design a little further and called it the ‘Reading Light’ with elegant curvaceous shapes at the pedestal.

I admire her creation and appreciate her mind’s eye for creating such aesthetic arts out of waste stuff. Instead of burning down these books, this appears to be a fair and environment friendly option to make good use of them!

Source: Dezeen