LB GBA C300: A Wireless QWERTY keyboard For LG Phones

When it comes to mobile phone accessories, there seems to be no ending as the list is too huge to count. Leaving out the ordinary accessories, few that can be named are speaker phones, headsets, wireless keyboards and even watches. Bluetooth is one such common feature, which is not only nifty but also very essential. However, LG LBA-C300 Bluetooth enabled Qwerty Card has gone one step further ahead of all the features of a mobile phone.

Apparently, LG GBA C300 is supposed to be used mainly as a wireless QWERTY Keyboard for LG phones. The interesting feature of this device is that it is able to write and send new messages on its own apart from allowing you to read the incoming messages through the display. It also allows you to enter, store and view contact information on a paired phone. Besides, it has the clock, alarm and calendar functions. It can be used as a stop watch as well. In addition, it can also act as a keypad for a mobile phone, be remote phone camera controller. You can also reject incoming calls or send them into silent mode just in case you put it on loud mode while in a meeting or a cinema theatre.

Nevertheless, despite its copious abundant features, it doesn’t seem to be an essential device to own one. Time will only tell its worth!

Via: UnWiredView