Leap 3D Interactive Device Replaces Keyboards and Mice

Now it is time to say good bye to your keyboard and mouse as they are a thing of past. Leap is a USB peripheral which controls software on the desktop computer or on laptop creating a 3D interacting space of eight cubic feet. The interaction with computer by Leap is more accurate and sensitive than a touch screen, a mouse and keyboard. The technology used here is two hundred times more precise than existing technologies and touch-free products .The size of Leap is of a flash drive and is able to distinguish 1/100th of a millimeter of your finger movement.

You can just plug into a USB port and load the software of Leap motion as well as make finer adjustments. Within minutes you will be able to interact with your computer using the movements of fingers and hands. Leap is able to identify handheld pencils or pens, thumb or finger and also enables you to create an accurate digital signature through the air with a pen or fingertip. Your gestures can be customized the way you want. For larger interaction areas you might need more than one device. There are efforts to link the device for many operating systems and applications.

If you are imaginative enough, you can do endless possibilities in the field of operating systems, engineering, healthcare, art and gaming. Currently the Leap is available for pre-order at $70. According to Michael Buckwald, Leap’s CEO the product is of careful mathematical research of a half decade though it is a simple USB input device.