LED Illuminated Message Board Simply Rocks

The LED Illuminated Message Board is something that is futuristic, bling and totally cool. This thing is a message board that glows and grabs the attention of anyone near it. With bright colours and light making up the letters, there is no way people can forget what is being said. You could have it in your house to make sure your family does not forget to get something or do something that you want them to.

It works in the RGB format and the text can be written over and over again in red, blue and green. It will last for 50,000 hours and costs jus $20. It is quite cheap too, apart from being quite fun. You could get it in your house and make sure everyone rights all the notices on it so that such messages grab the attention.

LED Board-1

However, it is not rare to find even the most attention grabbing devices becoming commonplace and people getting used to them so much that they ignore it. Now the choice is yours and you would have to find out if this thing would work for you, I would say, go and grab it cos it is not just about money or functionality, but the LED Illuminated Message Board is totally cool!

Via: Chip Chick

LED Board