CES 2012: Lenovo IdeaTab Tablets

Lenovo not only announced the Google Android TV but the company has several plans in its mind. Many of these plans and already planned and manufactured products would be unveiled at the CES 2012. One such product that was announced at the CES 2012 was the IdeaTab line of tablets. IdeaTab K2 is a tablet that comes with Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor which would be every gamers delight.

The Google Android 4.0 OS and DDR3 memory will make sure that the tablet ruins really fast. It is one of the best tablets to be released apart form iPad I guess. It would also come with an HDMI port, a full size USB port, 2GB DDR3 RAM and an amazing 64 GB storage. This is where it fares better

than the iPad. However, this year Apple is going to unveil the iPad3 which means no matter which tablet is released, it is all going to lose out against the big one.

It remains to be seen how many products announced at the CES 2012 will fare well and how many will even enter the market. With almost a decadent spirit, people have been buying Google and Apple devices which make it very difficult for other companies to set in. However, Lenovo’s IdeaTab runs on Google’s Android 4.0 OS and that may attract a number of people. I would say, just wait and watch until you get to try all these devices on your own at a store. I am sure most would end up buying the iPad 3 because of the ease of OS and also because of the number of applications.