Los Angeles: ‘Green’ City Lighting

In Los Angeles, public lighting will now concretely help the green revolution in the United States. The mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, and former US president Bill Clinton recently launched the city’s modernization program in lighting – the first of the kind in the United States.

140,000 standard lamp bulbs and traffic lights will be replaced with LED lights. “This program is the most ambitious in the world ever undertaken by a city,” the mayor announced, adding, “This should reduce our carbon gas emissions by approximately 40,500 tons a year, which is equivalent to withdrawing 6,000 cars from circulation.”

Antonio Villaraigosa wants to make the megalopolis of 4 million inhabitants “the cleanest and greenest city in the United States.” The long-term objective is for Los Angeles to reach a 20 percent share of renewable energies in its total consumption by 2010, and 35 percent by 2020.

Among the ecological advantages of light-emitting diode or LED lighting is having an electricity consumption that is nine times lower than the usual incandescent bulbs, plus a product lifespan from 20 to 40 times longer. With an energy consumption reduced by 65 million kWh, the drop in consumption charges in the city will be at least 40 percent.


Via AboutMyPlanet

Los Angeles at night