Los Angeles County Museum of Art Features the Tim Burton Exhibition

Multi-media artist Tim Burton features hundreds of his paintings, sculptures, films, and drawings, and is the subject of exhibition at Los Angeles County Museum of Art on May 26. Everyone who is interested in pop culture would want to explore his masterminded creative vision, high degree accomplishment and reputation which cannot be hidden from public view which serves as renewed adoration for the artist.

His entire show includes storyboards of childhood fears which continued to haunt even in his adulthood, costumes, conceptual graphics, drawings, puppets and sculptures, paintings, models, unseen photos, and multimedia with untitled watercolour alien portrait. In the creative process he has pictured enchanting fun and deathly fears which paved way to become one of the biggest directors of Hollywood.

Now the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is presenting his retrospective art the “Tim Burton” exhibition. You have to enter through the toothy, white painted, alien character with branches of hair. Toothy creatures populate in many of his works of painting or drawing which may metamorphose into another, often to something threatening. This is the experience of artistic efforts as a child in Burbank.

His Hollywood career includes Batman, Big Fish, The nightmare before Christmas, Mars Attacks! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  and many more. Nobody makes horror images like filmmaker Tim Burton with latest trend. His latest film, Dark Shadows which do not include 3D, is scheduled for release on May 11, 2012.

Burton is happy and feels fortunate for his fancy imagination of childhood to have found perfect medium of expression. His strong belief is that there is some link between humour and horror, which inspires him to create monster movies. Though there is a pessimistic attitude in human beings, still it creates some new thing in the world. Burton says that some people connect to the pain of life more than others, which will be the inspiration for his art.


Via: Designpumpa