LU Murano Recreates a Glass Chandelier with Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is increasingly finding favor with designers. It is fast replacing iron and steel in high end cars and it has now successfully replaced glass in the form of a chandelier. The inherent qualities of carbon fiber make it the material of choice for manufacturers looking for a light and sturdy material that ensures durability. The house of LU Murano has come up with a carbon fiber chandelier made from molds of original LU blown glass chandeliers. The material is as malleable as glass if not more. The added advantage is that it weighs only one tenth of the glass version of the chandelier. On top of it the carbon fiber version is not fragile like its glass counterpart.

Use of Carbon Fiber Opens New Possibilities

The carbon fiber chandelier has been created by Fabio Fornasier. It is definitely an innovative use of the material. The designer has optimally combined craftsmanship with technology and created a delicate looking elaborate chandelier. In many ways the use of carbon fiber to create a chandelier has been a master stroke. It opens up the possibility of reproducing the chandelier in endless color options. The possibility of using different textures and patterns are equally enormous. The technology can be adapted to any customized design. The inherent strength of the material makes it more suitable yachts and float homes where the environment is not conducive for a delicate glass chandelier.

LU Murano Carbon Fiber Chandelier

LU Murano Plans to Recreate More Fashion Chandeliers

Fabio Fornasier has used carbon fiber beautifully. The organic shapes he has created with the material seem to be inspired from different animals. All the long arms of the chandelier have glowing tips that successfully replicates the sparkle of the original glass design. However, the carbon fiber chandelier scores over its glass counterpart as its tone on tone patchwork diamond design creates a subtle texture and a reflective surface which is not feasible on glass. LU Murano plans to create more present day fashion chandeliers in carbon fiber. They are determined to bring craftsmanship closer to design and art. It is a trend that is sure to grow as it will have a receptive clientele amongst the elite of the society who appreciate luxury.