Luxurious Cashmere Toilet Paper from Waitrose

Anything that comes under luxury has been put aside by many folks almost over the past one and a half years due to recession. People are careful about not squandering their money on anything ever since the world economy tumbled down. Splurging has been replaced by scrimping but how long does one go on living so stingily keeping a tab on every expense? Small luxuries that one can afford should not be compromised with anything as they mean a lot.

For instance, cashmere toilet paper from Waitrose is by far the most luxurious bathroom tissue ever made from cashmere extracts. Any cashmere product is known for its high-end quality and most importantly its heavy price tags. A cashmere sweater is sold for £300, and a pair of gloves for £70 in London’s swanky Burlington Arcade.

Albeit you find their products highly expensive, it is still not so bad to splurge on the cashmere toilet paper that sells for almost $3.50 for a pack of four. If you are concerned about luxury, you could at least spend on the small things. However, the cashmere loo rolls may not be advisable for the corporate offices to keep them in their office bathrooms. They rather stick to the less expensive ones so that they could continue with their cost cutting spree.

Via: \RecessionWire\Waitrose

cashmerepaper Luxurious Cashmere Toilet Paper from Waitrose