Luxury Jaguar Now Safely Protects David Cameron

A modified Jaguar XJ Sentinel will now be protecting David Cameron and ensuring his safety as he proceeds with his official engagements.

This specially reinforced Jaguar XJ Sentinel has armour plating beneath the floor for protection against grenades, bomb-proof doors and bullet-proof glass. It has also been strengthened with steel and Kevlar backing, and the armour has been engineered with the help of a specialist. This car stands on a long wheelbase XJ saloon and runs on a 5 litre V8 petrol engine along with six speed automatic transmission. The Jaguar XJ Sentinel comes with its own security consultant as well. The jazzed up and secure Jaguar weighs 3.3 tonnes and that is almost double the weight of the original XJ Sentinel. It can almost fly and reach the speed of 60mph in 9.4 seconds, with the top speed being 121mph.

The interior has not been compromised at any level and has been given an elegant look and great leather finish with wood veneer trim with enough space for anyone to stretch out comfortably. It can accommodate four people along with their luggage and some extra equipment. David Cameron’s previous car was also a Jaguar XJ. This model of Jaguar is a favorite amongst Russian big-shots since it was launched at the Moscow Motor Show last year.

Via: Expressandstar