Mad Men Star Vincent Kartheiser Has a Hanging Bed in his Hollywood Cabin

Mad Men Star Vincent Kartheiser is perhaps the only Hollywood star who sleeps on an elegant retractable bed. He has been living in a 580 square foot cabin he bought in 2003. Since 2010 he has been redesigning his Hollywood cabin in partnership with designer and builder Funn Roberts. They have done a remarkable job by maximizing every last inch of space. The process of redesigning is an ongoing process that has followed a pattern. It is Kartheiser who normally went to Roberts with an idea and he translated it into something livable. Funn had started the process with the wooden front door which he replaced with a steel-and-glass one. It set the aesthetic tone for the rest of the renovation and they have been outdoing themselves with every new idea.

The Hanging Bed

An Elaborate Pulley System Handles the Bed

The space in the cabin was so limited that the only way one could create more living space was to make some furniture disappear. The traditional solution is the extendable sofa which can never match the comfortable sleeping experience of a real bed. The idea of a suspended bed came to both Vincent and Funn. However implementing it wasn’t easy. There is an elaborate pulley system that controls the hanging bed. There is some serious hardware involved including a 300 pound steel counterweight which the designer hid in the corner closet. For the headboard the designer has used a huge slab of redwood which he fastened to the wall. It has hinges and can flip down to double up as a table when the bed is raised.

The Counterweight that Handles the Bed

Vincent’s Fiancee Has Added Some Branded Furniture to the Cabin

Vincent likes to call it the Japanese Industrial style of designing that is based on smart space saving ideas. He has also got a thick red theater curtain on a ceiling track that emerges out of an adjacent closet to completely cordon off his bedroom space. Apart from the hanging bed you can see many more example of custom design by Roberts. Metal panels have been mounted on the side doors to ensure privacy. The fireplace in the courtyard looks like and also functions like a coffee table when not in use. The sink in the bathroom has been carved out of a boulder. However after Vincent has got engaged with actress Alexix Bledel she had added some branded furniture to the cabin like a couch and coffee table by Cisco Home, purchased at HD Buttercup.

The bed is lowered to Sleep in

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