Makr Shakr is a Robotic Mixologist Who Prepares Bespoke Cocktails You Order

Digital technology is making its presence felt in every sphere of our life, even how we mix our drinks. The robot bar tenders have graduated from being a mere drink vending machine and have become mixologists. MIT Senseable City Lab in collaboration with Coca-Cola and Bacardi Rum have developed the prototype of what they call Makr Shakr. The robotic drink mixing system was unveiled and demonstrated successfully at the Google I/O annual developer conference in San Francisco last week. The system comprises of three robotic arms with special attachments. They are controlled by a programmable mixing system. The drink is served to the guest through a set of conveyor belts.

The Robot Can Replicate Gestures of Roberto Bolle

In order to make the whole process a little more exciting the developers at MIT and the design firm Carlo Ratti Associati in Turin put a few moves on the robots by using motion capture. It looks rather stylish as the robot caricatures the gestures of Roberto Bolle, étoile dancer at the La Scala opera house in Milan. The users can order their drink with a smartphone app and create their own cocktail instead of selecting one from a pre determined list. Coca Cola’s Freestyle beverage dispenser, which can dispense over a hundred different mixtures of sodas has been incorporated into the system. Specially designed manipulators help the robots produce the bespoke drinks ordered by customers.

Makr Shakr, the Robotic Mixologist

The Number of Drink Combination the System Can Produce is Limitless

Yaniv Turgeman, project leader from MIT Senseable City Lab pointed out on the occasion that the number of drink combination is almost limitless. Carlo Ratti, director of the MIT Senseable City Lab believes that digital connectivity is not replacing physical interactions, but rather reinforcing them. Apart from designing their own cocktail creations, the app enables the users to share connections, recipes and photos on various social networks. The Makr Shakr can’t possibly replace the bar tender who could listen to your problems and offer his comments on the previous night’s game but it could be more useful and effective in promoting responsible drinking. The system can monitor alcohol consumption and blood alcohol levels and ensure that you return home safely.

Via: gizmag