Marian Salzman of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR Releases List of Top Trends for 2011

For the last 15 years Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America, and industry-renowned trend spotter has been coming out with her list of top trends for the year. She has released her list for 2011. Salzman creates her annual list by digging deep to look for social patterns, then applying everything to where the future is headed, in cultural, political and economic matters.

Salzman said that her hyper polarization trend from last year will see some broadening in different directions. The midterm elections proved that more people are leaning toward political extremes than ever. Apart from her main trends this year Salzman also lists two dozen “Future Byte” insights in a variety of areas like luxury brands and parenting to travel, science and alternative energy. She has highlighted that the Americans will lean more towards digital and social media networks to meet their needs.

The other major trends highlighted by Salzman are a gradual shift towards a simpler life. Broadcast news will continue losing its importance to interactive content. Boot camps will make a comeback to toughen up kids for the 21st century. Men will no more be the masters of all they survey. “Change” we not be a slogan but become a way of life.

Via: prnewswire, euroscgpr