Marijuana in several flavors

Colombian police intercepts marijuana with taste of chocolate on the border with Ecuador.

Marijuana with flavors of chocolate, strawberry, kiwi, peach and apple was seized today by the Colombian police in a parcel sent from the city of Carthage (southwest) to a border town with Ecuador, official sources reported today.

In a control inspection conducted by the Police were found 2,450 marijuana cigarettes of high quality, “wrapped in special paper impregnated with different flavors,” said the commander of the Metropolitan Police in Cali, General Gustavo Ricaurte.

Cigarettes of marijuana were wrapped in plastic envelopes similar to candy with different logos, “in 49 cardboard boxes with excellent presentation and very attractive to young people,” he added.

The drug would be sent to Carthage going to Ipiales, township border with Ecuador, which would be redistributed to other countries.

“The hallucinogen cigarettes are transported in a presentation of two units and, according to the research carried out by specialist staff, and the cost can reach between 30 and 40 thousand pesos (U.S. $ 14 and $ 19) depending on the sector where they are marketed , “added the general.

Ricaurte said that to get across the border, traffickers of marijuana cigarettes concealed them in envelopes of flashy colors and vacuum packed.

Via: Folha.