Martin Myerscough Unveils Wine in Tetra-Pak Containers

As early as possible you could see the first environmental friendly paper wine bottle replacing the clinging sound of the glass which would be the outdated phenomena in supermarket shelves throughout the world. Martin Myerscough would  launch the green bottle made of a substance from paper pulp that can be molded when wet and painted when dry, and it is biodegradable within weeks on a heap of manure which  will become an issue whose settlement is more important than anything else for both manufacturers and consumers.

Mr Myerscough, the Suffolk businessman who invented the paper bottle, has invented also milk bottles of cardboard, tested in Asda stores, was encouraged to repeat his venture with wine having hopes which would going to be a big success. With the plastic liner the wine won’t come in contact with the paper.

The paper wine bottle will have fifty five grams comparatively with the glass bottle which will have five hundred grams. In other words, there is a drastic reduce in transport costs. The carbon footprint will be ten percent comparatively to that of a glass bottle.

There are so many advantages of paper bottles which are non breakable when they are dropped and weigh less in a bag which will be convenient to carry. Mr. Myerscough says that wine in Tetra-Pak containers are not easy to recycle. He says that with the invention of the concept of retaining the shape of wine bottle gives reassurance to the consumer and paper bottle would change consumer habits gradually. Introducing paper-bottle in wine market is really more adventurous.