Microsoft bets on Bing

Microsoft, which invested over five billion dollars in recent years in developing an online industry, believes that its expectations will be achieved when you consolidate its partnership with Yahoo, which aims at popularizing the browser Bing.

With the agreement with Yahoo! Microsoft hopes to reach an important milestone for advertisers, and then a second option trustworthy, according to Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Microsoft’s online business, told Reuters.

Thus, in addition to win support among advertisers, Microsoft hopes to also have a hefty return on its investment. “There is no doubt that we intend to make money,” punctuated Mehdi.

Bing now has 10% market share, which is small compared to Google’s 66% or 17% of Yahoo, the site resembles Windows IT Pro is the intention of Microsoft to join the Yahoo is to win a share of 30 % of the market, with the aim of placing the Bing as an option in the relevant market and show competitiveness against Google.

However, negotiations between the companies still need to be approved by European and the U.S governments. And this can be a long process because Microsoft already faced troubles with European governments.

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