Microsoft Bing To Power Chinese Search Engine Baidu For English Search Results

With the withdrawal of the search giant, Google Inc. from China, the nation’s foremost search engine, Baidu, has now chosen Microsoft Bing as its preferred search partner. This latest deal between Microsoft and Baidu calls for Bing to provide search results in English on Baidu’s website. As Google is considered to be the king of search in the rest of the world, Baidu is said to have the same stature in China, with the search engine capturing a staggering 75% of the Chinese search market. Google Inc. with its recent spats with China in regards to censorship and the alleged attacks on Gmail servers by Chinese hackers has all but left China, with only 20% of market share under its belt. With this new deal, Microsoft will now have a chance to claim a share of the search market in one of the largest growing economies, China.

As per Baidu, the deal with Microsoft is a direct result of an ongoing partnership between the two companies in the realm of mobile search and as the Chinese web usage increases dramatically, this deal could prove to be a boon for Microsoft. However, even as the new deal goes into effect later this year, many experts believe that it will not have a significant impact on the Chinese search market. The primary reason being that majority of Chinese users are known  to be using Google search results for English language. However, with bitterness still prevalent between Google and China, the search behemoth is surely losing a lot by not being in the spotlight in the Chinese mainland.