Microsoft Unveils All New Glassless 3D Display

Microsoft Corporation’s Applied Sciences group has now unveiled an all new interactive way of viewing 3D content, where in the uses will not have to wear those weird looking 3D glasses. The company has come out with a revolutionary glassless 3D display, that is being hailed as the future of 3D entertainment. Since the last year or so, the 3D revolution has picked up a great deal of momentum and with Hollywood bringing out some of the best 3D tittles ever, the face of 3D technology has fast emerged from an exclusive luxury to a more common entertainment standard.

The all new glassless 3D display from Microsoft makes use of light emitting diodes located along the bottom edge of the display and with their continuously being switched on and off, these diodes are able to depict different pictures to various users with the help of a backlight. Furthermore, with this highly innovative technology, the all new display is also able to present a 3D effect and can present different images to a user’s right and left eye. This all new display glassless 3D from Microsoft uses a camera that has been designed and developed so it can track the movement of the views and thus direct the light at the precise position of the users. Furthermore, due to the fact that this all new display lens is very slim, hence it can even be used in conventional liquid crystal displays.

According to Steven Bathiche (Director, Applied Sciences Group, Microsoft),

“Instead of having light travel in air, it travels within the lens. It allows us to compress the distance between the projector and the screen.”

Via & Technology Review