Mikal Hameed Makes Music from Trash

Mikal Hameed is one of those guys who know what it is to see a world that is ignorant and unaware of the dangers of not utilizing what is already available. he uses discarded office chairs and stereo equipment in order to create some really amazing sound systems that not just tree huggers would appreciate but just about anybody with a brain would.


His workshop resembles that of an artist’s and you can’t help but wonder how anyone could transform rubbish into such amazing pieces of audio equipment. There is something magical about his speakers and especially when you know where these speakers are coming from, you would not have the option of ignoring them as junk.


If only other designers took notice of guys like Mikal Hameed, one could turn every bit of trash into something useful. In fact, people must endorse and encourage people like Mikal as that would allow them to not only to appreciate what is assumed to be trash, but also convert that trash into something useful.

Via: Inhabitat


  1. Edward Moss

    Not the type to leave comments on articles or interesting findings I come across on the net, but this is some truly authentic & contemporary content worth giving respect to, and passing on to a friend as something worth their time in checking out. A contemporary artist with roots in music, energizing a green movement thru his artistic creations. Haven’t heard of such interesting and engaging art that, also operates on a socially conscience level, unintentionally pleasing with it’s function and story of it’s creation. I didn’t know I’d be a fan of a contemporary artist, but this dude got some ridiculously appealing pieces, that make me want to find out, where can I buy his art? Definately someone, and something on the rise, noteworthy and cross polinates interests on a completely new, 2009 level.

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