Milk Destroys Antioxidants

There is a novel suggestion to make natural food substances that fight free radicals be better absorbed by the body. Antioxidants are more effective if not taken with milk. This is the suggestion of a new study which discovered the findings that cranberries and other fruits high in antioxidants drastically reduce their potential and potency when combined with milk. The results of the conducted research are published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine.

Antioxidant compounds contained mainly in fruits and vegetables have now been established to have protective effects on health, prompting experts to suggest consumption of these foods in abundance. The best way, they say, to secure the benefits of antioxidant-rich foods is to take them along with other foods such as within a meal or take them alone. Vegetables, berries, tea, and chocolate are some of the foods rich in antioxidants.

New data collected on blueberry are consistent with previous studies conducted by researchers on other foods rich in antioxidants such as tea and chocolate. Experts have already been able to ascertain that if these foods are associated with milk, they decrease their antioxidant activity. All this is probably because of the interaction between milk proteins and phenolic antioxidants present in these foods. Milk proteins limit the absorption of antioxidant molecules.

antioxidant-rich food

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Via Natural News

antioxidant-rich foods