Minus Garbage Bin Prevents Stink!

Garbage cans are usually those disgusting places where people throw in half-rotten food so that it can rot in peace and feed the many maggots that would take birth inside it. Except for the one in my house; my garbage can is so clean because I never use it!

If you think that isn’t a very good plan and you intend on using your bin, for some strange reason, then this bin just might interest you. Titled Minus, the garbage bin stops food from rotting further with its minus degree temperature so that even if you forget to throw away the garbage like some forgetful souls (read, ME), your place still wouldn’t be stinking of last week’s meals. The concept has been put together by Turkish inventor Cem Tutuncuoglo. Minus has an internal chrome reservoir and the out panel is transparent so that you can see whether the bin is filling up, so you don’t have to bother until it is filled to the brim.

Me, I would opt to forget about the whole minus garbage part (what is the neighbour’s yard for?) and use this to chill my beers. Awesome portable fridge, guys!

Via: UberGizmo

minus garbage container