Monopoly Boards Go Circular

Monopoly is celebrating its 75th anniversary, wow! I never thought Monopoly was so old already. No wonder the game has been so popular in my family since three generations long. This year Monopoly is introducing a certain changes in the game (not the rules of the game though). Instead of the square board, it will be a circular board. The cash currency will be replaced by credit cards.

This will help you save time as you do not have to sit and count the hard earned money from your enemies. However, I somehow do not like the idea of a fake credit card replacing the money. There is a lot of fun involved in counting those fake paper currencies. I just love it when I hold a bundle of them in my hands and count them all together. They did not have to revamp the board this way. It is likely to kill all the fun.

The new board of the game is called “Monopoly Revolution.” It will be available for $35. Well, for the folks who prefer the old board, you can still buy it as it will also be available along with the new one. As for me, I will stick to the old board. Somebody rightly said, “Old is Gold.” It indeed is in this case.

Via: Gizmodo

Monopoly Monopoly Boards Go Circular