Sail in Your Yacht into the House Created by MooMoo Architects

First you had car elevators that took your luxury car right up to your apartment. The concept was earlier seen as outlandish and waste of prime real estate but it is being replicated in new high end apartment buildings. Now from Europe in Poland an affluent client who is passionate about his motor yacht has got a state of the art house designed which has water canals through which the yacht can sail right into the house and anchor there. MooMoo Architects, the Poland-based renowned architectural firm was commissioned for the job by Jakub Majewski and Lukasz.

A Water Canal Runs Through the Central Area of the House     

It was one of the most challenging jobs for the architectural firm as it was a totally new concept. The outlandish concept could well become a trend as the super rich spend more and more time in their luxury yachts. The yachts have become bigger and more luxurious and better equipped. It is now possible to work, party and travel in your yacht. The revolutionary design of the house has a water canal through the house’s central area along with having a lock lift. The motor yacht can sail in along the line of windows in the living room and kitchen.

The Interiors are Finished With Warm Tones of Wood

The unique house has many other design elements inspired from a yacht. The house boasts terrace railings inspired by mooring handles. The lounge area of the house has been designed to resemble the stern of a boat. Spread over 1,457 square meters the property has an unusual garden that can be used for sunbathing, parties, and as a playground for children. The house has a unique feel because of a yacht moored in the centre. The interiors of the house are equally elegant and finished with warm tones of wood. This is a house that only the very rich can afford and maintain. The Yachting House by MooMoo Architects may be a little outlandish but it is definitely a masterpiece.