Morey Concept: A Car without Doors, Roof or even a Windshield!

The Morey Concept Car seems both exciting and limited in its design and application, but this is surely one concept car that can steal the show with its sheer looks. Like many other concept cars that are designed for the future and destined to remain a blueprint, the Morey Concept seems more unrealistic while it draws inspiration from the past and the sunny Southern Californian weather. It is not very often that car makers design a car without roof these days. Add to that fact that Morey does not even have a roof or doors! Just jump into the car and speed away. This pretty much seems like the Future is back to the Past!

Morey would work great as a design in the late 70’s and maybe even early 80’s, but you would have to be a real sport at heart to buy one of these in this time and age. While Morey is dubbed as a racing car with organic shape, it is hard to even have a racing car like this at any point in the future. With all the safety rules coming in, the car does not really stand a chance. Apparently the car can hit 0 to 62 in less than 4 seconds while the top speed is not known for now.

Morey Concept looks pretty alluring as a concept street car rather than a race car. Conceived at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, Germany, Morey needs a lot more work to be done on it before ever making it to the productions stage.

Via: Seriouswheels