Moscow United Electricity Network Company Gets a New Podium

Moscow United electricity Network Company must really be an awesome place to work at. Russian architects Arch-group and ABTB have just designed a cool new control room which looks more like a space station than a boring electrical control room. The control room comes with a podium where six workstations enable the employees to take a look at the city’s electricity network.


The control room has a dark and laconic floor in order to highlight the area where the podium is housed. With perforated BILDEX being used to create the walls, the employees can rest assured that they work in the most futuristic and chic electric control room in the world.


Perhaps it is required too, with all the Russia cold freezing the employees’ asses when they come to work, as they finally can look forward to a friendly, warm and also amazingly futuristic place. Of course, the workstations are also enabled with powerful projectors and other such technological gadgets. If you want your office to be developed the same way, you could perhaps contact Russian architects Arch-group and ABTB.

Via: Dezeen