The Residence – Etihad Airways Most Expensive Flight

Have you ever wondered what it is like to travel on the most expensive flight? Well, there is only one way to find out. Book a seat on Etihad Airways latest route the New York to Mumbai to know what it is like to travel in style.

Etihad’s newest offering is a $38,000 one-way flight between two great cities. The Residence one-way ticket sets a new world record. It holds the record for being the first three-room suite in the sky and the most expensive flight. This luxury flight offers a suite with a bedroom, private shower room, living room and butler. The cost of the ticket for the penthouse is equivalent to a worker’s annual salary. Now, imagine if you also book a return flight in the suite, your round trip flight would cost $76,000. There is only one word that best describe the cost of your flight – luxury.


Etihad is offering the most expensive flight on its Airbus A380-800 fleet. The airbus aircraft can seat 500 passengers, 415 in the economy section. Etihad’s has been offering the New York to Abu Dhabi route since December. The service added to the Abu Dhabi-Mumbai route. Between JFK and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, travel takes about 19 to 21 hours.


The Residence has paved the way for Etihad airlines to win several awards for the first class travel category. The UAE national carrier bagging major award is not a surprise when you consider the luxury it, offers. The penthouse in the sky equipped with the finest things money could buy. Its living room alone has a leather double couch and 32-inch flat screen LCD TV. There is also a discrete storage for storing personal belongings. Foldaway dining table for meals, which a Savoy trained butler serves. An on-board chef prepares the made to order meals.


The bedroom has a double bed with designer Italian bed linen and a 24-inch flat screen TV securely mounted on the wall. The Residence also has a private bathroom with a shower and hairdryer that passengers can use to freshen up before landing. It also said to include a full-length mirror. By the way, if traveling with children the passenger can still relax as each of the A380 flight has a nanny trained at Norland College in Bath.


The ticket for the most expensive flight includes a chauffeured transport to and from the airport and access to the private lounge. What’s more, you can also avail of a private check-in, and use of a personal concierge. If you need to reserve a table at a restaurant and secure tickets to any sporting event or concert, the concierge will arrange it. Whatever you need, the concierge will get it for you.
So, if you have $38,000 to splurge, take a luxury flight. Book the most expensive flight in the world and experience real first class journey.

Via DailyMail