MOVEO: An Electric Scooter That Can be Folded in Two!

The market for electric bikes is a burgeoning one. We have also covered several interesting bikes in the past like the one by Lit Motors, or the cute Yogo with detachable battery and ofcourse the innovative Eco Bike. But what we have here today takes these innovative bikes to a whole new level. Presenting, MOVEO, a foldable electric scooter. That’s right. You can go around the town on this cute bike, and fold the bike and bring it inside your home. However the sad part is that this bike isn’t in production as yet, but that might change by next year.

MOVEO has been designed by a Hungary based non-profit organization, the Antro Group that has been working tirelessly towards creating eco-friendly forms of transportation. Their previous offering was SOLO, a hybrid car. After five years of hard work starting from 2008, the people at Antro have brought out a fully functional prototype. All they need now is a business partner to sponsor the commercial production of this scooter. The prototype weighs just 25 Kgs and can attain a top speed of approximately 45 km/h (28 mph). Its battery can support 35 kilometres (21.75 miles) per charge. Charging time is one hour from empty to full. The motor mechanism is attached to the wheel to propel the scooter.

moveo electric scooter

moveo cute electric scooter

moveo foldable electric scooter

Upon reaching the destination, bikers can fold the carbon-composite body of the scooter and take it indoors with them like a scooter without worrying about parking space. Its “closed design” prevents the users from coming into contact with the dirty parts. Depending on the funds available, 4,000 to 15,000 scooters can be manufactured annually. If 15,000 MOVEOs are produced then the net price will be fixed at $3,100 and if just 4,000 are produced then the cost per unit will be higher, with the net price going upto $4,600. The initial sales will take place via the internet, so interested buyers can get on the waiting list by emailing Antro at [email protected]

Via: Gizmag