Music Playing Umbrella Regales You with Tunes

Melodious music becomes either boon or bane when the entire street is filled with tunes randomly playing from all directions. Do you think it is not inspirational, if the speakers don’t play your hot favorite music? Well, in any case, go ahead and enjoy umbrella music while you commute to your destination. Thanks to the German geniuses who have come up with an innovative music playing umbrella in the rain you can enjoy tunes in this quirky way with a collective role played by silicon chip, twelve touch sensitive sensors, circuit board and Arduino micro controller.

Berlin-based hardware hackers Julia Lager and Alice Zappe have attached the sensitive sensors to the umbrella’s canopy which is connected to the circuit board through an Arduino micro controller. If the sensors are struck by falling raindrops, electric charge will be generated. The generation of electric charge makes each sensor playing different eight bit tunes which will be amplified by a speaker.

It was designed by the German geniuses for hardware hacking event in Amsterdam. The duo had an idea of producing a complicated web app that recommended food based on musical liking, but finally came out with the idea of musical umbrella after their visit to a designing exhibition which was comparatively simple. In a restricted time limit, the device was created with wires and sensors on the canopy material with duct tape. The Piezoelectric sensors generate mild charge when they are hit by rain drops that are gathered by an Arduino micro controller which generates beeps to produce pleasant tunes. The duo has the satisfaction for their prototype umbrella. They allow you to choose pleasant sounds like bells, drums, guitar and piano by sewing sensors and wires on the cloth of umbrella.