Nano-Enhanced Socks To Treat Smelly Feet

Have you ever thought about smelly feet as a problem of concern? Well, the stench that comes from those feet can sometimes be really abominable. Changing socks frequently, also does not seem to help overcome this problem. However, Vladimir Rudenov, a Russian scientist comes to our rescue to put an end to this ugly problem with his nanofibers.

Scientifically speaking, smelly feet are a result of bacteria digesting organic matter in our sweat. Rudenov’s solution to this problem is rather simple. It involves weaving of nanofibres of silver into socks. Rudenov is the first scientist to innovate this theory which, is proven to be very effective. His small time biotech business is seemed to be booming now with these nano-enhanced socks. This amazing theory has influenced many experts in nanotechnology which, is still to make a significant mark in Russia. With this successful story of Rudenov’s work, nanotechnology will certainly generate billions of dollars in the near future.

These smelly feet curable socks are available at an insignificant rate of just $10 dollars. All thanks to this Russian genius who has made it very easy to overcome this smelly problem.

Via: NowPublic