New Technologies in the luxury apartments in Barcelona

Actually, our life style has been changing and we are betting more and more for new technologies. This is a reason why a plenty of luxury apartments in Barcelona has been merged with the latest technologies to make their owners´ lives more comfortable.

Smart homes: New wave of luxury apartments in Barcelona

The apartments with smart home technology allow us to control the facilities of our house through a system that makes our life easier when we are at home or even outside it.
All luxury apartments in Barcelona should have intelligent installation. Having a house with domotics system you can automate the control and receive different types of security alarms: intrusion alarm system, water flooding, gas leakage or fire detection. After receiving these signals the system closes electrically-operated valves and notifies the user.

On the other hand, we can manage all kinds of elements such as light, blinds, heating, air conditioning, irrigation system, curtains, awnings, it is even possible to watch security cameras, connect and disconnect alarms or control all the functions of any audiovisual equipment, both sound and image. All these functions are possible thanks to an internal network that allows connection to the exterior networks, so the owner can have a total control of their home through a simple application.

Soon we will see the new luxury apartments in Barcelona with this home intelligent control system in ONE PEDRALBES HOUSE. This building is located in the luxurious area Pedralbes, with the tranquility and privacy that there are no adjoining buildings. In addition, thanks to a millimetrically studied orientation all these houses have a maximum natural lighting and ventilation.

These luxury apartments will have home intelligent control system Konex. This excellent management system of power facilities guarantees the greatest comfort, energy saving and security rates for the owners of this property. Its great advantage is that the network of components and the automation functions can be extended or modified at any time since most manufactures distribute a large variety of components.

Other peculiarity of these exclusive apartments in Barcelona is to have private garage boxes with up to 5 parking spaces and a large storage room. All the boxes have electric sockets for electric vehicles and of course security system 24 hours a day.

The owners of these luxury apartments will have a chill out space with a big swimming pool to celebrate unforgettable moments. This chill out space with a system of air conditioning throughout the year, overlooking to the pool area and an audiovisual equipment will make this place very comfortable to enjoy time for a whole year.

In short, these luxury apartments in Barcelona are the best properties in Pedralbes with a full range of comfort where any detail, however small, is very important.