Nintendo Planning A major Comeback With Its Gaming Consoles

One of the biggest names in the gaming industry, Nintendo might be just a few steps away from making its comeback into the gaming market, after suffering from a continuous slump in sales figures in the past few months. According to analysts, Nintendo could very well be ready to give a stark competition to its arch rivals, Microsoft and Sony.

The estimates released by analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan, a leading financial services and investment firm are based on a press release given out by Nintendo, where the company has stated that, the Thanksgiving shopping week had been especially profitable for the company as it sold 550,000 of its most prized product, Nintendo Wii. Taking into account Nintnedo’s revelation, Michael believes that, the sales of the Wiis could have reached more than one million set for this month alone.

Thanksgiving has especially been a great week for the gaming console developers as Microsoft Corporation, the makers of Xbox 360 has stated that the Thanksgiving week gave the Xbox sales a huge boost and could very well best the best part of the year for its sales. Even Sony has confirmed that the Black Friday shopping spree turned to be great for the Playstation 3 consoles and 440,000 consoles were sold during the shopping week.

Via Cnet.