Nissan Unveils An All New State Of The Art Quick Charger For Electric Vehicles

As the urban transportation trend begins to sway towards greener and cleaner means electric vehicles (EV) that produce zero carbon emissions, thereby keeping the environment safe and provide quite commendable performance figures, auto companies are fast coming out with the new EVs every other day. One of the of the most popular Japanese automobile brands, Nissan Motor Co. has now unveiled an all new rapid EV charger designed and developed for electric vehicles. This new charger will be more efficient than the current generation systems and will provide quick and easy recharging options for EV owners. This as yet unnamed chargers has been designed to be compatible with a host of EVs introduced by Nissan, Toyota and Honda and will be especially beneficial for Nissan LEAF.

Currently, there are other companies as well who are researching and developing efficient EV chargers such as Park & Charge in Europe, Better Place in the U.S and the JFE Engineerign Corp. is also known be developing a charging system that could take the battery levels from zero to 50% in just three minutes. The all new Nissan charger was unveiled at the company’s headquarters in Yokohama, Japan and Nissan has stated that the quick charger will be available for purchase in the U.S as well in Europe in the near future. The charger will be carrying suggested price tag of $13,059 and will be significantly less expensive than the current generation Nissan EV charger. The company has stated its intentions of selling up to 5,000 units of the new quick charger by March 2016. This remarkable new product is being designed to be able to work in wet weather conditions and will come with a host of safety features including a monitoring system to prevent short circuits.

Via The Independent