No Conspiracy Behind JFK Assassination: A Technological Conclusion

Discovery Channel recreated the assassination of John F. Kennedy to find out, once and for all, if there was, indeed, a conspiracy that snuffed the former US president’s brilliant political career. JFK was so controversial that conspiracy theories hounded him, even in death. The tech team used modern blood spatter analysis, new artificial human body surrogates, and 3-D computer simulations. Their conclusion: the fatal shot that killed JFK came from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Previously, there had been theories about the number of shots fired, the number of shooters, the location where the shooter fired the shot, and the identity and motive of the shooter.

a few seconds before the JFK assassination

Discovery Channel’s tech team, using modern forensic science, made a mock-up of the entire Dallas crime scene. Sharpshooters proceeded to shoot at artificial surrogates of JFK. Members of the team used blood spatter analysis, simulated body parts, and the most advanced artificial human heads that simulated the human brain, skull, and skin. All the materials simulated the exact human physical properties, down to JFK’s hat size. The team, then, proceeded to create a 3-D model of the scene of the crime.

JFK assassination views and opinions

The final results can put all conspiracy theories to rest, once and for all. The wind pattern, the splattering of body material, and the scientifically measured distances and angles all point to the findings that the shot was fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. 3-D crime scene simulations are now believed to be the future of criminology. After all the technological brilliance of this reinvestigation, one question remains unanswered: did Oswald really pull the trigger? The conspiracy theories may be put to rest, but the highly controversial case remains unclosed.

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  1. James F. Grant

    Sorry, but the Discovery Channel’s show has serious flaws. From the Mary Ferrell website(Full link is at the end of this comment) :

    ” Nov 14, 2008: MSNBC reports that an upcoming Discovery Channel show entitled JFK: Inside the Target Car, to air November 16, purports to debunk the idea of a grassy knoll shot in the JFK assassination, based on recreations and blood spatter analysis. See this discussion on the Simkin forum for alternate views. Ironically, the story notes that the fatal shot resulted in “spraying a nearby officer agent” while then offering proof that the fatal shot was fired from behind because “Most of the simulated body material had spattered forward into the car, consistent with a shot that entered the back of the head and exited toward the front.” Lost in this analysis is the fact that the “officer agent,” presumably Bobby Hargis, was riding to the left and behind the presidential limousine, not in front of it. See Robert Harris’ The Final Shots for more. Hargis’ Warren Commission testimony is at 6WH293.


    See this link:,%20Again


    Mr James Grant is entirely right in his posting.They have not fully explained the explosive gun shot wound to the President’s head.Why did we not see the same explosive gun shot wound to his back.Clearly,there was at least two gunmen using two different guns with two different caliber bullets.They have made a fatal mistake in their analysis becasuse they do not have any military back round and do not appreciate that there other types of ammunitions that can create different types of gun shot wounds.For whay really happened check this site i have found.

  3. Fábio Luciano

    I am sorry, but purports to debunk the idea of a grassy knoll shot in the JFK assassination it’s nonsense. Why did Minutes after the shooting, Dallas Times Herald photographer William Allen ran from the newspaper building to Dealey Plaza and caught this view of bystanders milling around Dallas Police officer Clyde Haygood’s motorcycle at the foot of the grassy knoll. The names of most of these people are unknown. An unidentified officer peered over the picket fence at a spot where some witnesses thought a shot originated. (Dallas Times Herald Collection) why ?

  4. Chief Nkereuwem U. Akpan

    I think JFK had to die because the hawks in Washington were afriad he’d expose them and punish ’em. Oswald indeed pulled the trigger but the “real” trigger was pulled in DC, Houston and NYC

  5. GSerrano

    The man who knew too much about the military-industrial complex in America… And those who were connected to him that also perished… Think Marilyn Monroe. Politicians are just puppets and mouthpieces of an entire political machinery. Do you think George W. Bush knew everything that Dick Cheney was doing? 😉

  6. weeg

    more proof that the government is still trying to cover it up

  7. James Yenser

    Why must people think it is a conspiracy. I have studied this. If you saw this show it might convince you that it was Oswald who did it (for those who have seen the show and still believe it was a conspiracy I don’t know what to say).

    To Mr. Grant: As to the officer that got sprayed; did you take into the account the wind as they did in the show. Any matter that got sprayed high up would have been caught by the wind.

    To Mr. (or Mrs.) Sutton: Bullets have different effects depending on where they hit. A shot in the back has a better chance of missing bone, and if it doesn’t that bone would likely shatter but remain in the victim due to it being back to front. An off-center shot to the head, as the one that likely killed Kennedy, has a 100% chance of hitting bone. As the skull is a thick “dome-like” structure, a part of it could easily be propeled off by an off-center shot with explosive force.

    To Mr. Akpan: I have studied Oswalds background. He was a lonely man who did not fit in. He thought he should be “changing the world” but was being unsuccesful. He wanted to be remembered for something and when the motorcade route was published and it went right next to the TSBD it gave him an opprotunity. He was driven to it due to the circumstances of his life and dreams.

    To All: Oswald had already attemted politcal assassination before. He attemted to kill Edwin Walker. He worked at the TSBD and worked the day of the shooting, but was unaccouted for after the shooting took place. He was approched by an officer after the assassination asking who he was when he took out a gun and shot the officer. The bullets that hit the president match the gun found in the TSBD which had Oswalds prints on it and was registered under an alias he created.

    Yet, you are all entitled to your own opinion. I have simply voiced mine and hope it does not offend anyone. If it does I am sorry. This is simply my opinion and the evidence I have to support it.

  8. richard mcrae

    mr. James Yenser i do think it was a conspiracy and i think there more than one killer there that day
    every one takes a bout the head shot. well am not it the shot that hit kennedy in the back . they say the shot entered his upper back, penetrated his neck, and exited his throat.. now how can that be? right. if oswald shot him from the window they say he did in the Texas School Book Depository the angle of the shot the exit wound would have not be his throat but his chest at a down angle. now if shot came from the back at ground level the hit kenndey in the back were they show the yes then it would have exit out of his throat. . now if any one can prove to me a bullet shot form a three story building down at a target in the back and then stop turn in come out the front in a straight line. then i say it might been just one killer. angle people the angle of the shots is ever thing it does not match up with the shot in the back or the head shot. . the head shot why did they not find a bullet hole in the floor board of the car it that angle were the say he was shot from. the bullet would have keep going at a down angle after come out of kennedys head. well i down know but the angles do not match no one real talks about that much.

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