Nokia Begins Work On A Radical Flexible Phone Display

Nokia, which is one of the biggest and foremost names in the world of mobile and smart phones has reportedly filed an all new patent in the U.S Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), according to which the Finnish handset manufacturing giant is planning to begin work on a radical new idea for smart phones. As per this innovative thought, we could might see the future Nokia models wit flexible displays, meaning that the users will be able to change the shape of the phone as per their choice and needs and the phone would perform a number of tasks, judging by the shape pf the display.

The theory behind this one of a kind creative move is to enable the consumers use shortcuts for various just by folding the display of their Nokia phones. For example, if a users creates the shape of a can with the flexible display, the device would immediately recognize the pattern and locate the nearest bar or pub for the user. In another instance, the shape of a bowl would would in turn make the device display list of restaurants in the vicinity of an user. Turn the display into the form of a wheel and the phone would provide directions for the nearest gas station.

About two years ago, Nokia announced its intentions of creating a smart phone, based on the principles of morphing, that would include nano technology and the device would be able to take any shape and could be extended to any lengths the users could imagine. As per the patent filed by Nokia,

“A user interface and a device incorporating such user interface having a flexible screen capable of being small and mobile while still allowing several user actions to be taken is desirable.”

Via Slashgear & Go Rumors