Nokia To Incorporate Google Android Operating System To Boost Sales

With the introduction of smart phones in the mainstream wireless communication vertical, the competition has intensified exponentially, with mobile devices brands such as, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, HTC etc vying for the top spot of the best smart phone manufacturer and increased sales.

One of the largest and perhaps the most trusted brands in the mobile phones realm, Nokia has decided to give a new facet to its line of smart phone. It has recently decided that, the next generation of smart phones might run on , instead of the age old Symbian operating system, that so far has been the backbone of Nokia’s smart phones.

According to various sources from the mobile phone industry, Nokia is expected to unveil its latest smart phone powered by Google Android at the Nokia World conference in September. In today’s highly competitive market, Nokia has been steadily losing its grip on the users that prefer smart phones capable of accessing the internet, sending and receiving email and running interactive third party applications. Emerging and established products such as Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Storm and Sony Ericsson Xperia handsets are fast catching up to the threshold created by Nokia.


As of now, smart phones is the only segment in the mobile communication market that is witnessing growth. Due to the current economic downturn, consumers are forced to either settle with their existing handsets or are simply opting for the more versatile and less inexpensive smart phones such as Apple iPhone. Taking into account this major shift in consumer trends, Nokia has taken considerably unique approach by opting for Google Android software, that is an open platform for developers to create applications that can run on devices powered by Android.

Even with reports of a hack that made Nokia N810 internet tablet device compatible with Google Android system, the all new Nokia mobile phone to be announced in the month of September this year is said o have a fully functional and legal copy of Google Android operating system.

Via Guardian & Nokia.

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