Nu-Ovo Gives Shape to Your Personal Space

If you like to personalize your space then these pods will certainly catch your fancy. Gone are the days when drapes were used to customize spaces, as many people do not appreciate its free flowing nature. For those who look for a sturdy or firm look, found it difficult to deal with anything les than that and thus the idea of creating a structured pod came up. In an attempt to cash in on this whim Tissettanta devised these futuristic pods to suit everyone’s needs.

These pods are called Nu-Ovo and will come handy for many purposes, for an instance, if you are trying to set up you own personalized private space in your office you can count on this pod or if you want a beach side lounge which can also protect you from the overwhelming rays of the sun, you can use this pod. The designer offers you the option of choosing between drapes and laminates, so if you are not a cloth fan then you could go for sleek laminates.

Like that was not enough, these pods can also be used for outdoor shower! You can set up your own pool side outdoor shower with this pod and your concern of not baring yourself to your neighbors will be taken care of. The futuristic design and the space efficient make of these structures allow them to fit into any set up be it an official, outdoor or personal. If you have a penchant for wild adventures, then you could also set up this pod in a clearing amidst the woods and shower in the wild!