Obama blames Bush for the historic decline in US employment rates

Obama criticized Bush about the unprecedented downturn in US employment. He made a reference to the unemployment rate for February which reached 8.1%, the highest rate over the past 25 years. He continues to assure the American public that the stimulus package will get the US out of the current recession. He sets a realistic tone amidst all the challenges by saying that America will “continue to face difficult days in the coming months.”

Obama’s new administration inherited the largest budget deficit in history. By the looks of it, he is tasked to control a budget that was irresponsibly used by his predecessor and one that might be impossible for him to sustain. Nonetheless, he says, “My government is committed to doing whatever it takes to resolve this crisis and to bring better days.”

Obama has clearly mapped out immediate measures to ease the effects of recession. He is now working on boosting employment generation. For this, one of his most recent moves is for the US to stop hiring foreign nurses. He orders for the resumption of lending to alleviate the plight of homeowners. He has vowed to fully implement his plans for universal health care. He is also very much into cutting US dependence on oil and exploring alternatives in renewable energies.


Via Bloomberg

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