Why Should One Focus on the New Projects in Delhi NCR

As the national Capital, Delhi has always been a fast changing real estate market. Just like most metros, Delhi too has long outgrown its borders and spread in all directions. This wider area is known as the National Capital Region or NCR. Now all the smaller and bigger players are queuing up for new projects in Delhi NCR.

Growing Importance of this region

Being part of the NCR has always had some prestige. By themselves parts of NCR like Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon or Noida would be little more than small towns. They are neither the biggest cities in their respective States, nor close enough to State capitals to be of any particular importance.

Yet these regions have always been important for their proximity to the central capital. As Delhi was deemed insufficient their development and growth has acquired particular importance. This is why these areas of NCR, immediately adjoining the capital have long been accorded as important areas for growth and development.


Rapid Development in all areas

Because of this importance this region has seen some amazing development in the last decade and a half. Parts of the NCR like Noida and Gurgaon are today examples of thoroughly modern cities with flyovers, glittering skyscrapers, busy offices and residential complexes.
Today they are connected by the national capital by expressways and Metro. As industry moved out of Delhi, the focus of development shifted to these adjoining areas. Commercial development with big name corporate bodies, banks and the retail sector followed shortly.

Options to look out for

What the new projects in Delhi NCR offer are some unbelievable choices for those looking for a place to stay, invest, or do business. These new areas have opened up a multitude of choices no longer available within the capital. A number of big construction companies have built offices and residential complexes that are built according to international standards.

Since the outflow of people and businesses to these areas has been steadily growing, this growth is here to stay. Consequently, a number of choices are still open to the investors. From small affordable flats to luxurious flats, virtually every option is available to those looking new residential places.

Future forward

In terms of investment, the best feature of the NCR is its expected growth. As these areas continue to remain the focus of corporate bodies and the commercial sector, the development of this region is expected to grow at a steady pace. Despite the different political power structures in these various cities, there is considerable political will to keep to the financial commitment to the infrastructure development of the NCR.

The NCR is one of the biggest urban agglomerations in the world and like the other super cities, it is rapidly changing and developing. As an investor, one cannot afford this dynamic region. Go ahead and make your choice.