Orson Coffee Table by Brandon Gore Brings Back Langorous Lifestyle

Orson Coffee Table created by Brandon Gore is a rectangular table. The table provides built in saucers in a row which is handcrafted. A row of saucers offers a safe place for your beverage. You need not worry about children breaking up of saucers as saucers are glued to the bottom. You can work with your laptop and finish much of your work if you are self employed. You can have a brainstorming session to find a solution with innovative ideas which can be exchanged. The extra seating will never be a problem with this table which adds versatility to your living space.

If you would like to start the day like a queen, you need to grab a chair, get a newspaper and start sipping on red wine in the midst of chirping birds and cool breeze in a private balcony. Even a small patio is enough to relax and enjoy with patio furniture or coffee table, which will be functional and make you feel cozy and comfortable. The place creates a niche area for the family or friends with just the coffee table and a few chairs to remember nostalgic elements of your life.

It is created at Brandon’s artisan studio which is made of complex concrete. The top is cast, which cannot be peeled. Each piece is carefully cut and fixed, which can be used for generations. Each piece has hand rubbed wax finish. The coffee table measures 65”L x 18”W x 16”H. The lovely table just looks great when it is flanked by good chairs.