The Concept of Panoramic Ball Camera is Ready for Commercial Production

The concept of a 36 lens compound camera has been under development since 2011 under the leadership of Jonas Pfeil, a student at Technische Universität in Berlin. The compound camera has been developed like ball camera that automatically snaps 360-degree panoramas. It has been named the Panono camera and it has to be thrown up in the air and all the synchronized cameras click at the height of its toss. The final product has reduced in size and is barely half of the prototype. The concept is awesome as currently the amateur panorama photos we get are generally distorted. The ball camera gets rid of this problem by patching together shots taken by 36 perfectly timed cameras that capture every angle simultaneously.

Panono Ball Camera

The Shots Taken by the Cam Can be Downloaded to a Mobile App

The Panono camera features a highly sensitive accelerometer that enables it to know exactly when it has reached its highest point and that’s when it triggers all the 36 cameras simultaneously. The moment the camera leaves your hands as you throw it up in the air, its accelerometer measures its exact launch acceleration and calculates the time it will take to reach its apex. The shots taken by the 72 megapixel cameras are automatically downloaded to the free Panono mobile app, letting you view them instantly. The ball camera has a water resistance plastic covering to protect it from the elements. The throwable cam can also be stuck on a stick and used strategically or click panoramic photographs by pushing a button like a normal camera.

It is Half the Size of the Original Prototype

Top Players of the Photography Industry Were Attached With the Project

Pfeil has developed this wonderful cam as his masters thesis in computer engineering. He had presented the concept first at the 2011 SIGGRAPH ASIA technical conference where it was highly appreciated by his peers and experts. It attracted some of the photography field’s top players to the project. Ralf Coeneh, former COO of Leica Camera and former head of the camera lens division at Carl Zeiss has been closely associated with the development of the remarkable camera. It is revolutionary concept that has become reality as it adds a new dimension to 360 degree. As per the production plan the shipping is expected to start sometime in the middle of 2014. It has been priced at $600 and you can avail of a discount of $100 if you pre-order at While you wait for your ball camera you can download the Panono app and enjoy the sample shots.

Via: gizmodo