PawPaws: Luxury Retreat For Rich Dogs

A dog is man’s best friend and since I’m not a man I can safely say no dog is my best friend without fear of men beating me up. Men spend way too much time pampering these drooling balls of fur and if you second my feelings then this bit of news would have you burning in fury.

PawPaws is a day care centre, grooming facility and training classroom all rolled into one but even for all the money in the world I probably wouldn’t get any service here and all because I don’t belong to a species that drinks out of the toilet. How fair is that? The rich doggy centre has eight themed nurseries, custom furniture and entertainment as if any dog could ask for more than a bone. Three different salons will give your mutt washes and fur-cuts with the best that money can buy. The centre has a play terrace, a spa where they can get a massage from a young man with sweet smelling many varieties of oils. If they don’t find the guy interesting, they can even have a pretty young lady do a pole dance for them, though I don’t understand how this could possibly help.

The only service that PawPaws offers which the dogs truly need is the training school and if they graduate from that perhaps they would stop chewing on your bedroom slippers. On the other hand, if you think I’m bats and you’ve a load of dough to waste then you could take your pet there.

pawpawspawpawsVia: StyleCrave