People Find It Hard to Accept Lizzie Cundy in Swimwear

People just don’t fail to NOT surprise me. Every frigging day, we get to see the same sexist or ageist turd being shoved down our throats. Sometimes this does not come from the side of the one who writes, but actually from the ones who comment. In fact, I was surprised to see the number of negative comments posted below an article that featured former WAG (I find that word extremely sexist) Lizzie Cundy, who modelled for her new collection of swimwear and bikinis for the Sandstorm Boutique.

The pictures were shot at Cannes, and quite possibly she was also meeting up with Leonardo DiCaprio during the days of the photo shoot. Well, the pictures reveal Lizzie Cundy reclining in various swimwear on a luxury yacht, and she does look pretty good. Coming back to the comments section, most people have written how ‘old’ she looks though she is in her early 40s, and how it is annoying to see a woman with a not-so-perfect body in swim wear.

This is one of those instances in which the literary theory that I learned in my classes could be used, that the reader gives meaning to the text as well and it is not just the writer. In this article’s case, the readers have filled the comments section with ageist comments that would make any self respecting person quiver in fury. Perhaps it is time that the masses stopped preaching about how it is important for us to ‘age gracefully’ which actually means, hiding oneself in a closet and saving them the torture of having to look at sagging flesh in glossy magazines.

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