Pete Seeger Is Back With Protest Song on BP Oil Spill

Pete Seeger has spent a lifetime singing ballads and protest songs about serious issues like racism, war and abuse but there is no end to self created human problems. Grand old man is back with a new protest song about the latest BP oil spin in the Gulf of Mexico which is going to cause severe damage, more than man or his machines can comprehend.

Legendary folk singer who is now almost 91 years old was back with his guitar and banjo at the fund raising concert of Gulf Restoration Network and Global Green USA belting out his new song “God’s Counting on Me, God’s Counting on You”. Music is the best way of spreading a message, creating awareness and reaching out to people.  It is time to protest against the human greed which is causing severe environmental damage and threatening all kinds of life on this precious earth.

Maybe it is too late to protest when the damage like (BP oil spill) is done but a voice of protest is necessary. Also it must be difficult to sing songs of hope that can inspire people to take action when the currents of destruction are so strong. These are sad times.

Check out Pete Seeger’s song against Hydro Fracking – envrionment damaging oil extraction process.

via TreeHugger