Pet’s Eye View Cam Gives You A Sneak Peak Of Your Pet’s Secret Life

If you’re like most average individuals, then your pet cat surely has a more interesting life than you do. While you’re busy Tweeting away, and most dogs would be happy with a chewy, cats are out discovering the world. Haven’t you ever wondered why they have the most satisfied smirks on their furry faces at the end of every day?

If you’d like to discover just where your cat disappears after he has been fed to the hilt and groomed, then get yourself the Pet’s Eye View Camera. This little camera can be attached to your pet’s collar and would take pictures every 1min, 5mins or 15mins to give you a hint of what your pet has been up to. Unless you have an exceptionally naughty dog who enjoys peeing on your couch and blaming it on the postman, I suggest you don’t waste your money buying this for your dog.

Just one catch: you need to transfer the photos from the camera to a computer before the day is over else you’ll lose them. Also, it’s a tad too big for a cat. Plus, this £40 camera isn’t what you should be buying if your cat is Garfield!

Via: DailyMail

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