Phantam Keyless Home Entry Uses Bluetooth Technology

Phantam keyless home entry is a new locking system, where the user with the Smartphone application opens the door, using the Bluetooth technology. Users has to set up the lock to recognize, and give approval of  their phones before they leave the house, so when they get back provided the phone’s Bluetooth  technology is switched on, allows the person in, if the phone establishes the authenticity of the person at the door.

If you want maximum security, the keypad combination entry door locks are pretty much dependable. You need not carry either batteries or keys, and no wires to run.  The keypad, and push-button entry door locks are more secure than the. Bump-proof, keyless locks for both homes and offices are safer than conventional one.

Losing phone and get repaired it, is even though annoying, you need not replace locks, just with new phone your problem will be solved. You can use as usual your non-digital, fool proof key. Again I forgot that there is mobile software which will replace the keys. Without keys your empty hands remind you of phones constantly. The phone which has taken the place of key, replaces the things like photo and credit card etc. In case phones run out of battery again you will have to use your old key, so you should not forget to take with you always. It is priced at $249.99.

The locks are designed to install and replace the existing locks easily. Upgrade all your home and office with more reliable and secured entry door locks.