Philippe Starck Designs Glamorous Compact Kitchens for Warendorf

Tiny apartments cannot hold everything; you could only use very essential things. You will have to be thoughtful in transforming small area into a clean place; bringing complete kitchen which occupies less space in your home. The compact kitchens are ideal for small house where space is the main issue to be solved. German manufacturer Warendorf has created space saving kitchen. It is designed by French designer Philippe Starck.

The Tower Kitchen features two complete units with floor space measuring about a square meter. There are two separate towers; one is hot tower which houses steam oven, oven and the other cold tower that accommodates the fridge-freezer. The electrical devices like microwave and dishwasher are integrated inside the towers. Three sides of the tower are closed by the doors with fourth one kept open. It can be customized to the requirement of the customer’s taste. You could use the rear wall as a black board or mirror.

The tower with interior fittings revolves in three hundred and sixty degrees by slight touch of hand. There is a space for shopping things. It consists of a table and a glass cook top which could be used to dine comfortably by the family members. The storage place is not revealed in the towers as they are located below the work surface. The module completes with well equipped dining table and sink. Kitchen Island will be transformed into dining table after your preparation of dinner. So you don’t need separate dining room. The kitchen is ideal for guests which disclose its best side to them. This is the perfect kitchen for students.