Philips brings out solar powered floodlights

Philips really lives up to its tagline of great ideas. The company has lighted up our lives for so many years. Now it is treading to areas where electricity is an issue. It is heading to Africa where it will showcase it latest offering, which is a solar powered floodlight. With its ability to light up almost 40 metres of surrounding area, these babies sure seem pretty effective.

But that is not its best part. Most floodlights take a lot of power. But since these floodlights run on solar power, electricity goes out of the picture. Hence it automatically becomes a boon for areas where electricity is a rare commodity. But not just that, it will also save so much electricity and energy in areas which are lucky enough to get regular power supply. Once charged properly, it can run up till the night-time.

Though the company is only promoting it for gaming purposes, as the picture suggests, but there is no reason why this innovation cannot be used in other places as well. One could use it to light up market areas, evening classes, and also come in handy during emergency situations. A pretty good development by the appliance company indeed!

Via: zdnet