Poler Napsack is a Sleeping Bag that Coverts into an All Weather Snuggie

Poler Napsack is a 50 degree rated sleeping bag. It has been designed to take care of you at very low temperatures. It is particularly useful when you are camping because a visit to the toilet means leaving the warmth of your room. You need not come out of the Poler Napsack but simply modify it to wear like a puffy coat. The Napsack has zippers at the arm ports that allow the user to unzip and stick the arms out when not sleeping. In addition the innovative sleeping bag features a cinch at the bottom so that the user can open it, stick the legs out, hike it up to the waist and cinch it. It works like a puffy coat and helps keep you warm throughout.

Napsack: Ideal for Summer Trips, Couch Surfing and Music Festivals

The 50 degree rated sleeping bag comes with a microfiber body. When the zippable holes are closed, the Napsack works like any other conventional sleeping bag. It has been designed for summer trips, couch surfing or music festivals. It proves very useful while engaging into any activity that could bring your core temperature down. You could jump into the Napsack right after snowboarding or surfing. The wearable sleeping bag is not too hot for the insides either. During the cold winter months it is cozy and comfortable and can be worn around the house. The designer is attuned to the needs of a modern man and has provided a chest pocket that fits a phone. A pass through hole has also been provided to run your headphone internally.

Napsack is Available in Two Sizes, Medium and Large

The Napsack is available in two sizes. The medium sized Napsack has a shoulder length of 29” and a body length of 73”. The large sized Napsack has the shoulder length of 32” and a body length of 77”. The Napsack has a soft Microfiber body and leather tabs to cinch the hood. If you are planning to go camping this winter then the Napsack will be your best companion. You can be outside your tent or inside without having to leave the warmth of your bag. The sleeping bag which transforms into a three fourth length sleeveless coat or puffy moomoo and an all weather snuggie has been priced at $130 and available on the Poler site.

Via: gizmodo