Postcarden: Gift a Garden to Your Loved One!

What could be better than giving your loved ones a couple of saplings so that they could enjoy the joys of nurturing? Gardening and tending to plants is known to be a great stress buster and could help people overcome many of their worries and discover a more empathic and kinder side to their personalities.

The Postcarden is a unique product that is actually a greeting card but when you open it, you would have a mini garden within it. It comes with instructions and seeds within it, and the recipient just has to provide water and sunlight to the opened “greeting card”. It turns into a mini garden that is not only beautiful but also soul enriching.

It looks clean and stylish and can be a great gift to people who would love to have a garden at home but do have the space to do so. A tiny window sill is enough to nurture this mini garden, and depending on what has to be grown, you could choose to water once or twice a day or whatever the plant requires. It costs £7.50 and is a great gift to be given to people who lack nurturing qualities.


postcarden Postcarden: Gift a Garden to Your Loved One!