Potpaz Ceramic Water Filter: Simple And Functional

The availability of fresh drinking water has always been a problem to countries struck by war and natural calamities. It is a difficult ordeal making clean water available to people in these cases and setting up of water purifiers is difficult as well as expensive.

The Potpaz Ceramic Water Filter system designed by Martin Bolton is an extremely simple water purifier which is as functional as it is to use. Once the filter is filled with water to be cleansed, it saturates and filters through the pores at a little over 1 litre per hour where it collects in the receptacle ready to be used. The filter element can be used with colloidal silver as an added precaution against hazardous microbes. A coating of colloidal silver would also prevent further growth of bacteria inside the container, keeping water in it clean.

The Potpaz Ceramic Water Filter system is a low cost solution to the problem of finding potable water and it is already being used to much satisfaction ma many rural parts of South Africa.


Via: YankoDesign